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Monday, October 12, 2009

Bill Owens photo shirt

I received a nice T-shirt from Steve. Altamont did a collab with the photographer Bill Owens. They printed some of of his classic pics on T-shirts.
The coincidence is: brand of the shirt is Altamont, pictures that were used are photo's from the Altamont free festifal (1969) in california

Maybe I got too much that look of a hippie ;-) Vw's, beanie and beard... and I like also the music from that time period.
so today I went for a fresh shave...

Steve, thanx


  1. Don't feed the hippie....hahahaha

  2. Dude is this a surf blog or a Hippie blog :P

  3. hahha..
    but I'm rather a hippie in Paia (maui) than that business man in suit .. ;-)

    Think in Paia are living the world's richest hippies..