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Friday, October 2, 2009

Pwa Sylt Day 6

Today was the wave. It were pretty dificult conditions. With a really gusty wind and as always a big shorebreak the competitors allready had two obstacles. The mens and women were on the same time so action enough.

Al the guys had a lot of problems finding good waves for the jumps. Also the wave rides were difficult, because the shorebreak close outs super fast. Surprising was to see how all the favorites were kicked out. Ending with Josh Angulo, Alex Mussolini, John Skye and Antoine Albeau. John Skye was sailing really good for the whole day and made it up third. Nevertheless Albeau had a really good day kicking out all the pros like Victor Fernandes, Marcillio Browne and Kauli Seadi. than the finals were sailed. Alex Mussolini against Josh Angulo. They were both really good. At the end Josh had an unfortunate whipe out, resulting in a brokin mast. The last minutes were for Mussolini that used them good taking the leed in this single elimination.

Congratulations Alex, hopefully the double will be as good for you as the single.

Greets Paul

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