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Monday, October 5, 2009

A happy sunday full of smiles

Hotsails fire 2010 5.3
Despite of the bad forecasts (cloudy, rainshowers and dropping winds) we went to the water. When we arrived in Stavoren the sky was blue and the wind was a steady 6 bft.
I rigged the 5.3 and took the SOS85. Nice session.

The conditions were choppy, so after a while we derigged and went to Molkwerum. My favo surfspot on the Ijsselmeer (big lake)
Here you got a flatwater area, perfecly for speed/freestyle/learning. And you got the option to sail to the rougher open water.
The spot is not well known so we had it alone for ourselves.
Sun kept on shining and the wind was even more solid overthere..

Linda on fire!

sailsize: 4.2
Birdhunting... actually, this weekend was the national birdcountweekend.. (no joke!)

Ana on freak!
It was nice to see that the girls went for it! Despite the cold and and the strong winds.

Happy people! Thats were it's all about!

A very nice weekend that we ended in a small restaurant near the harbour.


  1. Awesome weekend. Just not sure about making that last picture public ;-)

  2. Hi guys!
    Nice to see your pics: Winfried it's too late to remove the last one! Ahaha!
    Here in Brittany we had a lot of sun but almost no wind since august...
    There was some wind yesterday, but I was at work...
    By the way, I have'nt surfed for 3 weeks now (no bike as well!): my neck is hurting a lot... I hope I'll be ok for the holidays at the end of the month!
    See you soon!