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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A day to Germany Koln/Cologne

If you live in the Netherlands, Germany is very close. I went for a day Cologne.
Jump on the autobahn, set your cruisecontrol on 200+ km p/u (125+mph) ;-) and enjoi the rush.. Yup you can also test your max of your car.

After 2 hour I was in the center

RR = Former Englisch but now German

Cologne's famous church.

big icecream upside down. New kind of church?

It was hard to get a coffee..
Football supporters and the police "blocked" the road.. ;-)
Yup it felt good to be back in germany...

Anyway.. snacks on every corner
Below the "Berliner"

Found in the store some strange drinks...
Never knew that Clint was into the booz that much ..


  1. wil dat monster niet harder! Mmmmh

  2. hahhah, dit was cruisecontrol...
    max is op teller 300, zal wel zo rond 280 zijn ;-)

  3. Volgens mijn bron heeft het monster geen cruisecontrol! Zal wel zwaar beladen zijn geweest!

  4. cruise speed. voetje vast tegen de zijkant. boven 250 suist het teveel en moet je deur wat aantrekken ;-)