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Monday, May 3, 2010

sport QUATTRO's

Yesterday I went with the bus to my friend Erik for a engine check. He serviced en spiced the engine up for next weeks travel. If someone got knowhow on cars, engines etc it's him. You could almost say that he's a combo of McGyver and a state of the art Formula One team.

When I arrived he was working on 2 ultra rare original Audi sport quattro's from 1985.
The Audi sport quattro was a car developed for homologation for Group B rallying in 1984, and sold as a production car in limited numbers.

A total of 224 cars of this "short version" quattro were built. So do your best and try to spot one..

To reduce the weight of the car, and to strenghten it up they allready used carbon/kevlar for the body shell and parts.

here a movie clip that goes back in time..

Hmm.. would this engine also fit into the bus?


  1. In the "good old time" of windsurfing, when money wasn't a problem, Audi was the sponsor of the Hifly team and every team member got his own Audi Quattro!

  2. haha nice picture pierre.
    robby naish also got one in the time.
    but they all got "normal" quattro's.. these here a the creme the la creme ;-)


  3. A real classic 80's car! Really fun pic with the Hifly/Audi team...

  4. This is a master car.
    Really fast and the moves are sharpe like a rezorblade.....

    David, this engine fit in my vw T3 bus.......

    Greetz, Robin...