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Sunday, May 2, 2010

MTV cribs visits Paul....

I was watching the live ticker from the PWA at Podersdorf and had a good laugh at what I read. A little MTV cribs style visit of Paul's car....

PWA live ticker:".....

12:17 With little action on the water, we thought we'd find out what living the dream involves for the young pro freestyle sailor on the tour.

12:21 First off, we jumped into the Dutch styler Paul Zeper's car to find out what his crib was like, MTV stylee. As soon as we jumped into the car we were told that it's not actually his, it was in fact his father's. So any young wanabees out there, please take note: parents with a willingness to lend you a car to drive 1200km are a real asset!

12:26 And secondly, if they fill the car with enough food to last you a week, it will almost definitely get eaten, even though lunch and dinner is provided by the organisers! Oh, and chocolate Oreo's are the new snack of champions!

12:30 Head judge Duncan Coombs has just interrupted us. Sailors are to remain on standby for another hour. Next update at 13:30.

12:32 And now, more importantly, back to life on tour.

12:34 With 400 euros in your pocket, an entry fee to pay, and fuel to be purchased, it doesn't leave much spare change for a decent crib.

12:36 This doesn't deter the newcomers to the tour though. At 7 euros a night they can camp in virtual luxury right next door to the event site, which just happens to be the perfect stumble back after a hard days sailing and an evening in the tent full of Austrian partygoers!

12:40 When Zeper makes it back to his crib, he doesn't have too many luxuries. Instead, his green cloth home is filled with cardboard boxes which used to protect his brand new F2 Rodeo!

12:50 And, with fifteen hot young girls as neighbours, all sharing a camper van on one side, and Steven Van Broeckhoven on the other, what more does he need! If he feels like chatting tricks and tips he's sorted, and if he needs something to take his mind off competing, well, he's got fifteen of those!

12:54 One thing, or should I say many things, that do seem to take up a lot of room in Zeper's home are his collection of hats. For someone who's only away for a week, he must have a different cap or trilby for every occasion!

13:00 He's not the first freestyler to have a certain obsession with a particular part of their wardrobe though. Apparently Taty Frans travels with more pairs of boardshorts than the rest of the freestyle fleet combined!

13:02 Anyway, that's enough of us rambling about one man and his tent for now. If the wind refuses to play ball this afternoon, we'll try to set up some more alternative entertainment. Watch this space. And, watch out for Zeper's crib in JC's picture gallery this evening!


Some action from paul....

And some different action....Photos: PWA / John Carter

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  1. Hehehehehe nice.

    Pictures by PWA/ John Carter

    Greets Paul