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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bretagne pt 6....

Found a story on about an Easter trip to Bretagne. These guys were there the same days we were. They made some nice pictures of the first day I was there. Check it out.... (text is in German)


  1. So someone stole their sails in L'aber? or do simply lost them someweher.. what's the true story Winfried... you were there


  2. Strange... The last time I've heard something was stolen here was 20 years ago... even more!

  3. germans between each other?? one steels from the other one...

  4. hahaha, I didn't even read that part.....

  5. Weird.
    I,m just back from 2 weeks and we often let the car with the window open because of the sunny weather and nothing happened.
    Maybe an insurance claim??
    Anyway, no wind but some nice waves with the SUP at both Palue and Goulien+ a paddle downwinder (2bft) from Camaret to Goulien+ from Goulien to Palue stunning views.

  6. Maybe it was a trick to keep other Germans away ;-)