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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Short trip to BZH

Went for a short trip to Brittany, aka Breizh (BZH) One of my favorite places. No matter what kind of a conditions, there will always be some great days.
Took the bus and drove early in the morning through a dark and rainy Holland/Belgium.
As soon as I arrived in France the sun started to shine and the temperatures rised. Finally!!

Unfortunately there was no swell in the beginning, but hey.. nothing wrong with turquoise clear water between high cliffs. Just easy relaxing windsurfing with some local friends.

Ronja felt at home in the rabbit dunes... Holiday pur sang for all of us

Local sea food? anyway you don't want to duckdive, and find this item on your head going up again..

I'm not such a flatwater blaster, ehhh normally with these winds (without swell) I couln't/wouldn't even windsurf... but these Hot fire power editions got so much pull that they got me going.

A nice "belly" in this wavesail

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