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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Interesting Nemo view....

The same 'Nemo' board Glenn had the other day. Interesting fin set up....
'Nemo' in action.... Sailed by the creator himself.


  1. Come on guys. I want to see some hot action from Bretagne!!!

  2. Voor als je het even niet meer weet ..... ;-)

  3. hehehe, I want to see that too.... but the forecast has not been that good. Let's wait and see what David has to show us....

  4. paul,we had flatter water + wind than podersdorf;; freestyle heaven. Good waves for surfing; and loads of sun; now its time for pierre yves famous reunion curry

    greetz david

  5. Actualy, it's "Carri" (more spicy) in Reunion Island and "Curry" in Mauritius (wich is only 100 miles away)...
    And after the carri, of course, we went to the famous "Atao aman" (local surfer's bar) for the "rhum arrangé"...
    Only one: it should be good tomorrow morning! And the forecast is not bad for the end of the week: light wind, but classic wave riding or down the line surfing conditions...
    And it's almost summertime here: more than 20°C, at last!
    Greetings to Winfried and to all my dutch friends!

  6. Hi Pierre-Yves,

    Good to see you are on the water again!!!! Enjoy!!!