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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pwa Sylt Day 3

Today was the day. After a few days of no wind the moment was there. It was freestyle time. Skippersmeeting was planned at 07.00 with a first possible start at 07.30. I was in the first heat so I had to be there early. It started really bad for me. I was sailing with 4.7 and after going back to the beach the wind was a little less. I took me a long time getting washed by the shorebreak. Because of this and the fact it wasn't clear if the heat started, we had to do a resail. As fast as I could I grabbed my 5.3 went straight through the shorebreak and sailed upwind to start my first PWA heat. My opponent was Andre Paskowski. Not the easiest. I had a really good heat landing almost all my moves I tried. Unfortunate I couldnt't beat Andre, but that's no problem. I'm feeling really good, cause I sailed good. In the double elimination I was less fortunate cause the wind wasn't enough. I had to land one more move and I had won, but the wind wasn't enough. No worries. The rest of the day was dominated by the Bonaire crew. Third place Tonky who beat Gollito. Than came the finals. Taty againt Kiri. Kiri won the single elimination. In the second they meet eachother again. Taty won the semi finals from Kiri so they had to do a resail for the finals. Taty was on flames. It was a long time ago he sailed this good, so he managed to win of his nephew. Taty congratulations with your first place man. You deserve it.

Now up to the slalom at day 4

Greets Paul

Sarah Quitta and me looking a little bit to much if I'm a model :P


  1. It's like you have fire in your eyes. Man you look focused.

  2. he got the looks of a moviestar... ;-)