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Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn started very nice

New 2010 Hotsails fire/firepower arrived

American en German icons..

2 months ago my small compact camera broke down. I brought it to the camerashop, and after 5 weeks I got the message : no warrenty.. They found some (beach?)sand inside.. probably from maui ;-)
So this week I bought a new one. A newer edition, the Canon ixus 95is. I hope it will last a little longer.
As I moved to a new house, I wasn't able to have contact with te rest of the "world". No phone connection, no internet , my mobilephone broke down etc..
It was almost like 20 years ago, and to tell you the truth... I kind of liked it. Ofcourse there were downsides..working nonstop on a new house also means that you miss one of your favorite things..
being in the water with your friends.

But as now I call the house for finished (still got loads of work to do... ) there is more time to enjoy/relax. Last weekend it was finally time to do some "normal" things.
Testing the new camera, washing the cars, working in the sun in the garden, go with the dog to the forrest/fields, enjoyd linda's super cooking;-)

and... unpacking the 2010 sails!! (more info later)

As a bonus we had fantastic warm autumn weather.

The garage

Grapes in the garden
Zillion of butterflies these days

Mill at the end of the street

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  1. Finally on the web again, we missed your input....