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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Found some pictures......Ouddorp

I found a few pictures on Stehsegelrevue from my last two sessions at Ouddorp. The pictures show Maurice Both ripping (sadly I'm not even in the background of the pictures). The first picture is from the day of 40 knots....(a previous post) Click on the picture to see some more pictures of Maurice during that session.

The second picture is from an awesome day with north east wind last week. A steady 20+ knots. The tide was going down which turned it into 'lagoon'-like conditions with waves breaking at several sandbars. This meant comfortably planing and heading full speed into shoulder high breaking waves like with a reef. Airtime was guaranteed ;-) After enjoying the first sandbar, heading out further meant going full speed into (easily) overhead breaking waves at the next sandbar. I sailed until my arms almost fell off. Arrived home after dark, grabbed a beer and fell asleep on the couch. Proof for an awesome day. Clicking the picture brings you to some more pictures from Maurice taken that day.

I have no idea who took the pictures (except that the photographer of the second is called Rens), but I would like to thank the photographer for sharing these pictures.

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