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Friday, September 4, 2009

40 knots....

Yesterday we had about 40 knots of wind. Usually this kind of wind means heavy conditions at the dutch coast. And yesterday wasn't any different. Logo high waves breaking everywhere (and sometimes hollow). Strong currents forcing you to sail upwind all the time. And off course there is the 40 knots of wind that can easily pick you up and send you flying. Sometimes you are in control, but sometimes you're not....

I went to sail in Ouddorp with a few guys. I noticed someone taking pictures, so I asked him if he was taking pictures of everyone. The response was 'YES'. But unfortunately no pictures of Ouddorp have showed up yet, so I'll have to do with pictures from other spots along the coast.

This is jeroen at Zandvoort. It's nice to see how ' messy' the Northsea becomes with winds like this. More pictures can be seen here.

This is Torben going straight for a monster. What happens next can be seen here.

Hopefully som pictures will show up from Ouddorp as well. Now it's time to loosen up the muscles again with a more comfortable 25 knots.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm Unfortunately i sold my 2009 set to early and the new 2010 Hotsails Smack will arive the second week of september. So i have to do it with a borowed Manic of Axel van Weel.
    It's a miracle that the Gaastra survived it! It was typical Smack weather! ;-)

    Cheerio, Torben