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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm going crazy...

There're all week allready hauling winds, nice waves etc..
People calling me with info about how good it was etc...

Probably I'm the only one with work....;-)
my normal work, working on my new house,- appointments with cable guys, plumbers etc
(and sometimes they don't even show up)

These days are hard for me. believe me. I notice it in in my mood (people around me also ;-)
I'm allready planning on a hard come/payback

And if my house is ready... probably the guys who are out on the water now all the time , will be the first that will finish the booze on my housewarming party. thanx guys for the help ;-) for you all I will fill some bottles with salt water.. cheers!


ps. can't even update this blog cause I'm allready banned from the web for weeks now..

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