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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Two consecutive windless days... pt 1

What to do now? Well, let's do some site seeing. Most places we've been before, but it's still nice to go back.

At first Ponte de Lima...Ponte de Lima's legend: The story is about a Roman legion arriving at the Lima river. They thought this place was so beautiful that crossing the river would make them forget everything they ever learnt. To proof this wasn't true the commander road his horse through the river and called every soldier by his first name.... Or was it something else? I forgot....

A nice seaside lunch... (there is a steak somewhere under the fries and the egg)

A nature reserve with beautiful colors...
... and a stunning beach view!

On that beach they had a bodyboard championship, so we stayed there a while to watch.

Part two of the site seeing will follow.......

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