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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The forecast was good, looking over the dune it seemed even better. Totally stoked, I got out on the water as soon as I could. Near the pier the conditions were side-offshore with waves a little over a meter. The waves were small, but they were long. Four or five bottomturns was easily possible. Ana took some pictures before it became crowded. About six or seven 'local' Spanish guys on the water, and me. These Spanish guys come down from Galicia every time it's good. They know these conditions like no other and really rip. And with their average weight of about 60kg, lightwind conditions don't really seem lightwind for them ;) Here you have some more pictures of these guys, some in really awesome conditions (check out the ones on december 13th of 2008). I guess you can find Dirk in some of them as well...

After about one and a half hour I realised I forgot to put suncream and it showed. As the waves near the pier got really crowded I headed downwind a little, got me some suncream and enjoyed shoulder high waves in front of the camping. The waves are always a little higher in front of the camping, but the wind isn't side-offshore there and the waves aren't as long. But there is less crowd and more space (and a few rocks....)

Here are some pictures Ana made in the first hour near the pier.

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