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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The forgotten place....

Years ago 'The Gorge' was famous. Right up there with the other classic spots like Hookipa, La Torche, etc. You couldn't buy a magazine without pictures or stories of 'The Gorge'. Brands used it for marketing and testing. I recall Hot Sails Maui making small 'Spiderlok' sails for the nuclear winds of 'The Gorge'. And even having a Hot Sails Maui - retail shop in Hood River.

From the 1998 Hot Sails website:
Spiderlok: The name equals the lightweight in windsurfing. Engineered with the ultimate weight to strength ratio of any sail, the Spiderlok is built for easier handling and longer sailing. The design is a proven all round wave sail suitable for hard core waves, Gorge winds, or flat water freestyle. Easily the best sail value available today.

I don't know why 'The Gorge' isn't in the magazines anymore, it's a great windsurfing place, with a lot of windsurfing history. And it's one of the best places for bump and jump. Especially JUMP!!! As this next video shows. We often complain about kitesurfers not knowing where they will land after a jump. With this guy it's a bit similar. Definately a place to visit once....

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