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Saturday, August 29, 2009


It was my first time in Ouddorp. I had planned to go to another spot, but the wind turned out to be more west than expected. Ouddorp is more or less the backyard of Joost's 'summer residence'. He told me it's good with westwind. And as it's always nicer to sail with friends (Bas and Bart were there as well), I changed my plans and went to Ouddorp.

Joost wasn't lying, the wind was sideshore and in the beginning the waves were perfect for jumping. The wind was a lot stronger than the forecast and even picked up more during the afternoon. When the tide came up the conditions improved for waveriding and I managed to catch a some waves.

After a very satisfying afternoon I took a few pictures....

In the background the third biggest harbour of the world.... Rotterdam....

Bart had spotted me on a picture at the dutch windsurfing forum. I think it's the first picture with my 4.7 freak....Thanx jaapjxs!!!

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