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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flat days...

For many people a picture like this might seem like the end of the world, but sometimes here in Viana this is where it all starts, behind the pier. On these days you just have to float out about 300 meters to get some good wind. This usually happens when temperatures go up. With waves dropping to zero, all we could do was go and have some fun in the open seas. Going way out behind the big pier (at least 1km out) the windswell can get pretty big. With some steep sections it makes a nice ramp for jumping. The jumps usually aren't that high, but the drop down behind the swell can easily be 3 meters. It's just a little bit difficult to get pictures that far out ;-) Maybe we need to get one of those GoPro's.....

A big plus for going out to open seas is the lack of kiters. Kiters like to stay near the beach, and on weekends a lot of kiters show up in Viana.

The wind usually drops a little at about 5-6pm. It's a nice time for some lonely cruising in the bay. Maybe I need to get myself a nice 8.0 gps or something ;-)

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