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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A windy weekend

Saterday. After a week full of wind, the wind kept on blowing in the weekend. For some easy going we went to the IJsselmeer/Stavoren. A super relaxed spot where it's easy parking/rigging/leave your gear anywhere around/where you can leave the dog playing on the shore while you play on the water...
The place where we always went as kid, and learned jumping

Erik does the hop

Easy going and no crowds.

Doggy is hiding her eyes

Sunday. another full boost. started with 5.3
In the afternoon I switched to 4.2

Afternoon set. Dutch Orange all the way.
Board:SOS, Sean Ordonez Shapes. Bamboo/carbon Guppy 75

Strange wipe out, tail on top

Doggy keeps an eye on Erik

Focus on the stone ;-)

Yup, Doggy's stone....

Wipeout again... bad backloop

Erik catching air

Energy bomb from Brittany


  1. Viana feeling, f#cking hard wind and good temperatures.
    Big are time and also getting washed on the ijsselmeer!!!
    Two days to remember.
    Linda thx for the nice pictures.