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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Monthly Movie Update p.2

After a month of nervous waiting the second part is finally here. Again, windsurf action and not so much lifestyle, but hey... that doesn't matter.

The clip shows the feeling I get when the wind starts, the nervous feeling and the desire to go to the water immediately.

I scored some good days at Amstelmeer. I used th Hotsails Bolt 4.7 and Patrik Diethelm Freestyle 99.

Enjoy this clip and stay tuned for part 3!!

Edit: Paul Zeper
Filming: Jochem Zielstra / Francine Zeper / Nicky Lam / Ralph Hagelaar / Paul Zeper
Camera: GoPro HD / Canon hv 30
Programs: Adobe premiere pro / after effects
Music: Pretty Lights - Hot Like Dimes

1 comment:

  1. why scream with your capitalized letters???? Are you in search of attention? Hahahaha.....

    Nice movie Paul!!!