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Monday, May 16, 2011

Late Bretagne post

I stumbled across some pictures on my mobile phone from our trip to Bretagne last Easter (the week before David and Linda went there). They gave me great memories ;-)

Dust during the day and condensation during the night create a nice effect on the hood of the car.

Ana is sailing there somewhere ;-)

I know David takes a lot of food pictures, but sometimes you're just too hungry to take pictures before dinner ;-)

Ella loves the beach....

....and the flowers ;-) Hmmm, that tastes good!


  1. chicken is gone.. ok, that can happen..
    but what about to refill/renew that Kro?... one off these small botles on one big chicken is not enough ;-))

    think it's time for a Breizh reunion with soem drinks hahha


  2. When you're hungry the bottles are desert ;-) I'm quite sure I'm holding another one as I'm taking the picture :-0

    Yec’hed mat!!!