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Monday, May 9, 2011

Snapshots from a day in the garden ;-)

Just take the time to walk down the cliffs, and you get your rewards!

Superb nice and fast lines. empty!

If the dog is happy, so am I. Playing on the rocks, hunting for rabbits, getting fresh water in the river.. She will stay in the area while surfing. Both happy!

Everything goes with the ease

Water in the neck!..

The Breizh Butterfly effect.. ;-)


  1. Hmmm, already homesick and I'm only back one week.

  2. Hi
    Is that dog an Irish Water Spaniel?

  3. Timo,
    the doggy is a englisch cocker spaniel in chocolate. but she got the looks of a field/irish water spaniel. a perfect buddy ;-)

    greetz, david

  4. Timo,
    The doggy is an english cocker spaniel, chocolate. On the small side/female. She does look like a field spaniel(that dog is just a little higher/taller), but also some times like the irish water spaniel, when she's wet and the is curly.
    The dog is a true nice partner in crime ;-)

  5. The picture with Ronja in the tree reminds me of the game I played when I was little, it was the lion king on de the SEGA. Very nice picture! :-)