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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tylösand/Halmstad, Sweden

Parents in law moved to a new place in Sweden. So time for a visit..
They found their place on walking distance from the coast (you can't go wrong with those ingredients)
We went for a walk in the backyard.... we arrived just in time for Sweden's first spring weather/temperatures (think Holland is one month ahead)

Never seen a sea that calm and quiet. Like a mirror..
But for sure this place can be nice if the conditions get a little rougher..

Same place, on a more "roughy" day ;-))

Superb walking along the rough coast

Towns famous long beach... totally empty

Nice rivers

A sign that you live close to the golfcourse

A day outside makes you hungry. Food was served when we arrived home.
Yup, I'm feeling at home here..


  1. NICE! Nice again! The good live... Take care!

  2. Ziet er goed uit David! geniet er van want hier is alles onder controle! Groetjes..