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Thursday, April 7, 2011

SOS (Sean Ordonez Shapes) magic!

Hookipa's most desireable board!! OMG.... Sean is playing with the magic dust again! Sean, please tell us more about this one...
It got the lines of the Guppy...

picture made by some Swedes that escaped their country ;-)


  1. Nice pic that first one! "Borrowed" from Kulingvarning:
    Credit where credit is due...

  2. Doc,
    True, credit to the photographer. sure! nicely done....
    click, post it on the web, and ready.. word wide web does the rest ..

    Allthough the one who should get the credits for all its work during the years is Sean! hope you agree with that. He should get way more credits..


  3. Visted Sean on Maui in April. He really makes wonderfull and magic boards. I'm going to order one. Thank you for great pictures.

    Edwin Moerman