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Monday, April 18, 2011

Southwesterly 6 (with no wind).. weekend

This weekend I visit Joost at Zuidwest6. He moved to a new place. What an upgrade!
Besides the distribution/webshop he runs, he got a fullsized, well stuffed with the right gear surfshop!

Superb spring weather, so we went for a quik outside lunch in town

eggies for the energy

I came to pick up some new sails for the coming season. Well, they were there...
More than enough choice. The Hotsails Maui are looking superb this year. You can't compare the craftmanship of these sails with all those other brands out there. They are a league ahead.

Hotsails Maui also upgraded their website. Probably not finished yet, cause this blog is missing... ;-)

From the South of the country I went to the East to visit Erik for a quik car check/chat/drop off + pick up some goods.

When I arrived at home there was a nice surprise in the oven...

Sunday. Great weather again.. but still no wind...
Time to do some work in the garden


Don't try to steal his football..

50.000 views BBQ!! The ones that came by by "accident" were lucky ;-)

Melon salad

In the evening I took a drive in the car, to complete this nice weekend.
Coming weeks it's time to search for some waves/wind.. Time for some Hot-Trips!

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