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Monday, April 4, 2011

Ella visited

Nice breakfast. First sweet strawberries of the year

Grapes. If they are good for the Greek gods.. they should also be good for us

Ella found a new friend. One that has no problems to eat some "left-overs"...
Another great thing about the dog is that she makes Ella smile. Even if she cries... so absolute a musthave ;-)

The father had to eat well too. So linda made us some classic Italian energy.
We had a nice chat, and after some time Ella and daddy had to drive to the west again.

Win, goodluck/strength with everything. Can't put it in that fine words..but you can always count on us the coming time ;-) D+L


  1. Thanx guys, for the kind words, the food and the good time yesterday. See you soon.....

  2. a musthave? The dog or a beautiful girl like Ella...


    Ps. can imagine that the dog is nice too, ;-)