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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stormy winds at Stavoren, ijsselmeer

Checking the wind force and direction...

More than enough wind. Solid force 9. Time to time flying water/heavy wind gusts

Weapon of choise. My new 70 liter board. Sailed first 2 hours with 4 fins, later I switched to 2. A perfect day to feel/check out the differences . With 4 fins the board was more "locked" (as on rails), superb control. Absolute never a spinout. Full speed long radius jibes carving through the rough chop. Perfect upwind... also better for jumping into the wind. Felt absolute safe in control in these conditions. Nose stayed down

With 2 fins the board became instantly loose, way looser....
Still enough control and shorter turns became more easy. Especially short/fast jibes between the steep choppy waves. On the straight line no extra spinouts, but on a topturn a controlled slide almost standard. Overall: less control, but more fun. Kept on sailing in this mode

What a superb sailing day!!! No crowds, in the middle of the nature, no stress to get there (no traffic jams etc)-- Sure I like to surf on the sea, but this direction would would mean: full onshore..


  1. De eerste foto (met hond die de wind checked) vind ik de mooiste.

  2. ha, ja het was even snel klikken.. rondlopen met camera was nou niet echt stil houden was al helemaal een no-go snel wat plaatjes voor het surfen. helaas geen surf pics.. te weinig/geen volk.. ;-)

    groet david