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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The snow came down


  1. There's snow here as well: up to 15cm (and -10°c!!!) in the center of Brittany!
    The last time we got snow in november was 30 years ago...

  2. damm pierre, what are we gonna do... maui in april?

    greetz, david

  3. I was not able to go to work today! I came back home after the third "U-turn" on the road: a lot of snow and ice behind!
    You're going again to Maui next year, david? Me, I could be in Florida in March...
    I remember that I had a very good day of windsurfing there, in Key West. It was on a F2 Sunset I believe, in... 1985! Ahaha!
    But I know it's not the best place for windsurfing, most of the time... Anyway, as you know, it wouldn't be the main purpose of the trip!

  4. aha, florida.. nice to rent a bike there and cruise around. They also rent out bikes in maui ;-)..... sure I want to go to maui again, but some extra weeks breiz is also great. I look around and check the possibilities.
    greetz, david