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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NW winds..

Another day, another wind direction. The wind
turned a little to the north. Went early to the
beach.. and from a distance it looked mellow..

Once at the cliff I knew it would be serious business.
Strong wind (4.7 overpowered) and super solid
steep over masthigh waves
(click on photo to get it bigger)
And again.. no one there..

Drove down, had to walk a little to get to the beach,
rigged and headed out.
These days is what windsurfing is about.
Surfing in a historical place, between high cliffs and
pounding waves. All I can say is.. it was magic.
A day that I always will remember

Talking about historical...
The Menhir on top of the cliff

What a day, what a day..
my arms felt 20 cm longer when I finally hit my bed

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