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Monday, July 2, 2012


Back home, I felt direct in the bucket with work...
but also in the bucket with loads of wind.
So blog-updating came on the second place.
But, still got some Brittany pics to share.

This day I woke up and the wind was hauling around
the house. Bingo!

I drove to La Palue, and to my surprise
I was totally alone..
Hmm... what to rig?.... How big are those waves?
(From the cliffs it's always hard to see)
First some pics before I go out..

Rigged a 4.7 and got that full pull.
And about the waves.. well they got bigger and bigger.
Started with 3 meter.. and in the afternoon they
went over masthigh

What a perfect day it was!
Luckely in the afternoon 2 other guys came, so we
could share the stoke!

A bbq and an evening dune walk completed the day.

The whole next week would be windy and waves
were getting really solid

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