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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Pierre-Yves... you're living on one of the worlds
nicest places.. ;-))
Superthanx that we could use your house.
You know that you got an extra bed in Holland ;-)
And if you get tired of that Harley.. you are
invited to use our bus ;-)). Probably same
level of comfort... arf arf


  1. You know you're allways welcome here! And thanks for the invitation! I would like to visit you in august, but for the moment (since 2 weeks ago) I can hardly ride the bike because of (again) pain in my right arm... That's a bad begining for my holidays and I hope it'll be better in a few days: wait and see!

  2. good healing!! take care, and see you for sure!
    greetz, david & linda

  3. Hee David, kun je alweer van Morgat over de kliffen ri de punt lopen? anderhalf jaar geleden was het daar overal afgezet en controle ivm erosie. Zonde want het is een van de gaafste stukken daar die ik ken.
    Verder weer schitterende plaatjes gemaakt man!

  4. Yup, is te lopen. wel lange broek/hoge sokken aan.. aardig wat van dat soort prik bosjes ;-)