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Friday, April 27, 2012

Different perspective

In Bretagne we met a really nice couple at the beach. We had a nice chat about Bretagne, the amazing food, the wind and waves, the sun and the beautiful empty beaches. And off course that we had to come there again....

She had taken some pictures from his sessions with some pretty professional looking equipment. Turned out he was a professional photographer, so I asked him if he could send me some of those pictures to post here on our blog. No problem, he said ;-))

When I got home I checked out his website. He has done some interesting work. Shooting at big concerts from bands like Bon Jovi, Rammstein, Guano Apes and Alice Cooper. But also shooting travel stories (keep your eyes open for the Ireland story in the dutch Surf Magazine). He sent me a link to the pictures they made in Bretagne, and it's always cool to see a place you know well, through the eyes of someone else. It gives you a different perspective.

Thanks Chris!!!

I made a small selection of their photos. (images by

Daunting sky...

I like the vibrant red...

Nice and quiet place to stay ;-))

Nice picture to actually see the size of the waves, and Chris is not 1m60 ;-))

Didn't know they were taking pictures from me too, but I am quite sure there's a blue and grey Superfreak in the back ;-))

Fading colors...

The place where boats die...

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