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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day of the fishes..

Brest?, Malmo?... nop. Part of the renovated harbour of IJmuiden

Nice winds, so time to go out on the Mons-Fish
Went to IJmuiden/IJmuiderslag. Side/side-off conditions.
Wave's didn't get through that well, but loads of fun. And
That lonely wave that came got eaten by the Mons-fish...

Did I mention that the Hot Firelight is the killer?
An insane light sail, that makes you smile/less tired in marginal

I also almost went to the Fishes...
I switched to a new mastfoot... just to be sure....

Well, on my first run out (ice cold sea, icy windchill) that stoopid
thing broke. Far outside ofcourse. Was totally alone, so
had to play on safe. Could bodydrag me some kilometers
downwind. Struggeling to hold the boom> icecold fingers!
Anyway, made it to the beach.. nice warmup walk back to the car,
grabbed my old mastfoot and continued surfing..

After some hours I collected more than enough stoke..
so time to to stop.
I drove to the harbour to collect some nice fresh
fishes for dinner.

I couldn't choose..
I went home with 2 nice Dorades

Getting warm at home. Nothing beats a hot shower
and a fire


  1. Ziet er goed uit David! Hoe is het met Linda en Mons? Dit weekend weer naar de camping....
    Biertje? Hoor het wel. Groeten Sanne

  2. alles prima hier. wie weet doen we even biertje in bos. groeten david