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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bretagne pt. 4

Our house was walking distance from the beach, so we took Tinky Winky by the hand and walked there. When she could see the beach Ella would yell "Yeah, there it is!!!"

On our way to the beach, this is the view

The Tinky Winky suit was perfect, she could sit in the wet sand and the cold wind without getting hypothermia ;-))

The first day with wind AND waves was the day with the worst weather.... A lot of rain, but when you're out on the water you get wet anyway ;-))
It was crowded, at least for what we are used to in Bretagne, quite onshore and the waves were close together, but I had a lot of fun jumping and backside waveriding ;-)) And never had anyone in my way despite the crowd.... At mid tide the waves picked up quite a bit to several sets easily being overhead

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