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Monday, December 19, 2011

Sun, sand and waves

While David is getting high on white powder(snow), we headed to Portugal for our usual X-mas trip. The journey was challenging. Heavy rain and strong headwinds (30knts and more) for over 1400km. Fuel efficiency dropped at least 10% ;-)

But it's always nice to be on the road. Especially when there is almost no holiday traffic. In France I set the cruise control to 130km/h and in 2 hours I only touched the brakes twice. Try that in Holland ;-)

We had a stopover in Burgos, where we had a most delicious dinner. It's worth sharing, so here's a picture of the hotel and Restaurant Azofra in burgos.

Yesterday we went to the beach.

Sun and surf were up, so everybody was happy.

Time to dig a hole ;-)

Nice off shore wind.

And some well deserved sunshine to enjoy!!!

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