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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Portuguese Christmas

I always get a lot of questions about the traditional Portuguese Christmas. And especially about the 'Bacalhau'. The dried and salted codfish. It's the traditional Christmas dinner. But there is a lot more....

Afterwards the plate looked almost as clean ;-)

The 'Bacalhau'!!

Off course some local wine.

But after the 'Bacalhau' the sweets come out. First the 'Bolo Rei' the traditional cake with fruits. And after that a lot more.

The 'Pão de Ló', a sweet cake.

And my and Ella's favourite, a plate full of 'Rabanadas'. A kind of pancakes with an inside that's a lot like pudding.

And off course there is a lot more. Chocolate, nuts and other sweets. Enough to fill your belly for days. Now we wait for Christmas lunch, which is even better ;-)

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