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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snow is only frozen water...

Went from Innsbruck to the Pitztal. A glacier area with tops till 3774m high.
A big chance to find some snow and ice...
We went up into the mountains and played with the elements. Hauling winds made it very tricky. Zero visibility and icecold!

Oh boy did we found that snow. During the night a big storm came over and snow dumped nonstop.

Getting energy/"kraft" in the evening

Stoked when you wake up and got this view outside of your window..


Never been so happy with cleaning the car...

Wave of snow on the roof..

-20 + windforce 8 = windchill -38... Weather that separates the boys from the men!
Bonus effect: empty mountains

Self portrait..

Stoked to point out some future lines..

Fresh lines


Specific Mountain Pow tools : 173 & 168

Did I mention that it was cold?..

Stoked at the end of a day

View from the top upon the glacier

Paul surfing the mountain

That's me

Fantastic impressive views from the top