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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Very cold second session....

I went for a short session yesterday afternoon. Again, some easy sailing on flat water. This time Bart-Jan joined me. And it is always more fun, when you're not alone. Although the temperature should have been quite a bit higher than the last time, to me it felt a lot colder. I wasn't completely fit, so that might have been the reason (and I think I paid the price, had a fever last night and a very bad headache today, hope things get better tomorrow).

Off course I took the GoPro HD again. This time I tested the full HD setting. It is a narrower angle with this setting, so when mounting it on the boom I prefer the lower setting, because of the wider angle.

For shooting clips of someone else while sailing behind them works better with the full HD settings. The narrower angle comes in handy, it's zoomed in more.

I mounted the camera on my head afterwards, but somehow I got the wrong setting and it only took 3 pictures right at the start. A shame, because despite the cold Bart-Jan went for it!! Above you can see one of his many jumps. A pitty I didn't get the forward attempts....

1 comment:

  1. So, there´s no proof of the forward crashes, pfff.

    It was the first session of the year. Had to wait for it for to long but it was worth it. Allways fun to ride together W. The smile is still there.