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Monday, February 8, 2010

Carbon Eames chair part 4

I roughly sawed the outline of the shell. A tough job.. solid carbon is as steel. For the finetuning of the outline I will use sandpaper.


  1. Looks great! you have really some free time to spent on .........Do you not work? or do have an easy boss?

    Your all the lover............

  2. Yup I got an very easy boss ;-)
    But this work is done on a saturday evening, when most people watch tv. Sunday morning at 8, when most are still in bed. And this morning I wake up at 6....
    It's all abot choises..

    mahalo D

  3. Real dedication! That what I like about you:) , your girlfriend must be pleased......
    So what are the plans, small production series? Or is it gift for...............

  4. I keep my girlfriend happy yes.., but that has nothing to do with this. I don't know in what curves you have to lean to make her happy ;-)
    Anyway, It's not a gift, otherwise I wouldn't post it here..

    have a nice day

  5. Hi,
    I really like your new chair...
    How many carbon-layers did you use? And how much g/m2?

    Is it stiff and durable enough?


  6. Hi peer
    For this chair I used just the materials that i still had in my house. So just a quik check it out job.. ;-)
    I used plain weave carbon 180 gram. 6 layers. I also laminated some leftover strips of carbon in the "bent"of the chair to give it extra strenght. The chair is for sure strong and stiff enoug. (till now i dind't sand or so, because first it's to cold outside, and epoxy takes some time to come to it's max strenght.)

    If I would make it right from start I would take: 200/230 twill weave carbon. nice optical, and easier to bend. (you could make it full carbon, as i did.. but you also could ad some extra normal glass in the middle to give it some extra thickness. the chair I made is half so thin as an original)
    7/8 layers is strong enough and will last for ever. As outside layer I would use a layer of normal fiberglass, twill weave. This would be a perfect sanding layer.
    After the sanding, a clear resin coat.. let it harden for a while, after that go for that sanding/polishing..
    Succes, keep us informed

    talk soon,david

  7. Thanks a lot for your detailed answer!