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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Visited H&M (Herman and Mom)

While walking in the snowy forrest we came up the to idea to drive a little further, to visit my mom and Herman. Spontanious visits mostly turns out to be the best...
You can stand in front of a closed door with nobody in the area, or that open one... that turns to be in a warm/nice evening. We got lucky, we got the 2nd option..

Izzy (kind of a Ozzy??) is growing fast. Half a year now. He just went under a serieus surgery,
but I couldn't notice. Such a happy, alive dog.

Well what for dinner...
We got really lucky this time. There was rabbit in the house, and hungry people... ;-)

First some preparations on the fire, after that it went for some hours in the oven.
The result was superb. Meat that felt easy of the bone, and sooo tasty. The wine that got used for cooking (+ vegatables, herbs etc) was the perfect dip for the bread.

So, it became late (+ alcohol ..) and we stayed for a sleep.
The next morning I went to the attic for some treasure hunting.. Always funny to dig in some gear thats there for years.
I also came across 2 old boards.

This board from wood is from '87. Got very good memories of it. It went superb, did everything with it and I became almost one with it. If I look now at those sharp steep rails I got my thoughts... but hey, back in the days it was unbeatable!!
This spring I will bring it to the water again

These are pics from 1987. The proud owner, and a full planing duckjibe in a country without windsurfs ( back then...)
Now it's holiday resort area nr 1.. Turkey

ps, Hotsails is bringing back the sailcloth with the fading colors. Sail above was a Mistral wave line , made by Gaastra.


  1. Wat een pintail heeft die houten rakker! ;-)

  2. jongen, die "doodskist" ging bloedje hard. Te bizar gewoon. Hoogte lopen ook geen probleem, gewoon vol de rail in t water drukken.
    Als t straks ietsje warmer is brengen we deze oltimer weer naar het water. kon wel eens leuk worden


  3. Gozer,

    echt te vette posts hebben jullie. Ik maak echt weinig mee.
    Binnenkort weer wat aan me nieuwe filmpje werken dus dan kan ik weer wat poste. Voor de rest sick. En dan helemaal het eten (damm dat ziet er goed uit).

    Greets Paul