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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Official weather alarm..

It's non stop on the radio... There is a weather alarm. Don't go on the road, stay as much possible in your house.
Damm, whats going on... it's just a normal winter. The only thing whats going on is that people don't got the right equipment anymore. Or simply don't think clever. Walking on sneakers, jeans and a simple cotton jacket...
Driving around with their cars with well worn summer tires.

I know there is snow on the road, but hey... As long as you are a little clever you could know that it's extra slippery. Drive with care. Just put on some winter tires... (why do you think it's obliged in the scandinavian countries, germany etc..)

In my eyes it's one big public "bangmakerij" (getting people afraid)

picture above = sneeuwjacht

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