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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fly safe!!

Ideal for transporting beauties from Sean.... Just need them to make some bigger sizes!


  1. Most common "thing" on my boards are dings or punctures during airtransport. It got hit by sharp opjects.. wonder if this bag would survive a sharp puncture.
    My boardbag sometimes got footprints also.....

    Anyway, I like also the walk through a big Homedepot in search for that airbubble plastic. cheap and effective


  2. I'm not sure the board would survive if I do the same thing on my (360kg) bike! Ahaha!

  3. true.. especially when you hit the gas!
    anyway.. I saw that the price in france is 160/170 euro..
    So, for that money I can get a cheap ticket(those budget flights) to marokko + week stay + surf....
    Do the math ;-)
    Must say that the bag looks good for sleeping..

    I stay loyal the my bags that won't cost more than a box of heiny's