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Monday, December 28, 2009

Just some random X-mas week pics

Got this BBQ from my father. He bought it 30 years ago in Portugal. A nice heavy solid steel one.
For sure I will use it a lot!

Normally I got white candle's in the house. This week it was time for the red ones

During the cold snowy days, a warm Wiener was a musthave.
A classic swedish: korv med brod

Leg of a lamb with apricots and loads of garlic.

Happy with our first own X-mas tree. We got it from a farmer close by. After use it goes in the garden, and hopefully it will be our tree for the comming years.

The snow is melting down, this means that yould could make the finest snow/iceballs..
A solid iceball throws o so nicely... ;-)

This afternoon We grilled some lamb chops. Fredrik needed a full stomach, cause in some hours he's flying to Tokio again. From there he will take a plane to Hokkaido (The north of Japan)
This lucky boy is going for one month non stop snowboarding
Hokkaido is known for its ultimate powder snow. The average yearly snowfall is 12 meter..
Succes boy, draw some nice lines!!

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