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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great days....

This trip to Portugal is all about the Holidays: Christmas and New Year. This means (and especially in Portugal) lots of food. Meat, fish, shrimps and off course sweets. Lots of calories ;-)

So it's important to exercise. Most people over here go for a walk after lunch. It's their exercise. I thought I would combine my exercise with some fun, loads of fun!!! Testing my new longboard and my GoPro HD, but the important thing is to 'exercise' ;-)

I have a short clip from my first day with the longboard, but with the slow internet I have here, it's gonna take me days to upload it. So I selected some stills from the clip.

Yesterday was the bonus. The sweetest desert imaginable. Perfect waves, with perfect weather. I chose to go out just before lunch time. Because lunch is sacred for the Portuguese (especially during Christmas holidays), I was out there, practically on my own. Lunch takes about 3 hours over here, so plenty of time to 'exercise' all by myself. At around 3pm it got crowded (around 10 surfers). I was tired and getting hungry, so we went for a big late lunch outside in the sun. A perfect ending of a perfect session. After lunch we sat down on the pier and I made some pictures. Let's see what the second week brings....

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The board works great!!!

1 comment:

  1. Dag Luitjes,

    Alvast een goed surfjaar gewenst!

    Je surfboard ziet er fantastisch uit.

    Met je foto's is onze vakantiebestemming al weer bevestigd.