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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Snowballhouse with candle inside

A small peacefire in the garden. Also nice to warm up the hands and get rid of some old wood.
To bring a total peace on Earth I should probably burn a gigantic forrest. Sure it's worth it, but I simple don't own a forrest...
But maybe many small fire's will help a little. Let's hope so.

Happy new year to you all!! (yup, we became a nice layer of powder again)

A Dutch alternative for the common reindeersled with lights..

Old years day without "Oliebollen" isn't a real one!!

Palmtrees covered in snow doesn't happen that often...
(found this tree at the local Thai restaurant, so probably it's used to the harsh dutch conditions)

The flower next to my computer came out!! At least a little bit of a tropical feel!

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