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Sunday, July 19, 2009

New house or surfing...

Surfing...because the house won't run away.

Allthough I just received the keys of my new house...(and there's a lot of work....) You can't say no to a weekend with wind. So we packed the bus, and went for a weekend to Stavoren. It's old/small town at the Ijsselmeer (a big lake,1 hour drive) . The Sea/coast was also a nice option.. but hey, that drive is longer, and in summertime it's crowded.

Thought this was a nice sleeping place. But when I shut off the engine... The sound of the windmill made me crazy.. So I drove the bus to a calmer place.
During the night there was a really clear sky with zillions of stars.

The wind was ok. 5.3 winds. Took Sean's 85 waveguppy for a blast on choppy flatwater.
Ofcourse sailing on a Sea in waves is better... but what the hell..
Wind is wind. fun is fun... and that's what counts!

Had some speed..
made some air..
The dog became wet...
easy jibing..
So all in all I enjoyed another weekend sailing in Holland ;-)

Below a pic of my new garden. It's full with flowers, herbs and fruit trees. I allready love the place. In the back of the garden there is a small wooden "holiday" house...
perfect for the surfgear and shaping/building of boards ;-)

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