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Friday, July 24, 2009

A first post from Portugal....

Arriving in Viana last Monday we immediately got ourselves a nice treat of steady winds. We put up the tent quickly and got out on the water. Although the wind dropped quickly and the waves were tiny, it felt good to be back in Portugal.

Sadly the forcast wasn't that good for the rest of the week, so tuesday no wind. Wednesday torrential rain, but the bonus of a steady 20-25 knots from the left. So i grabbed my 5,3 freak and my classic 88 and jumped into side-onshore conditions with shoulder high waves. A perfect day, except for the rain.

Yesterday the sun came back, no wind but nice waves. So we went for a surfing session.

After a good session of surfing there is a golden reward. (or is it green???)

The restaurants in Portugal are phenominal, but there is one tool that can challenge any restaurant. The Cramer grill!! We put some huge t-bone steaks on it and had a superb dinner.
Today it seems like the classic winds will come back. Maybe this afternoon, but surely tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be able to put some nice pictures on the blog the next few days.

Off course we are enjoying ourselves, but some classic Viana go-ers like David, Linda and Ronja, Pierre-Yves, Paul and Cornelia couldn't make it this year. We miss you guys........ We will try to rip some for you!

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