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Friday, July 10, 2009


Yesterday my doctor gave me a green light for physical effort. So when I realized it was windy today nobody could keep me away from the water. The first time on the water after being hospitalized almost six weeks ago. I chose for a safe and easy spot and sailed for about 3 hours. In the end I was really satisfied, I needed this......

I have to give a big compliment to Sean for the SOS Classic 88. It's not only an awesome waveboard, it turns out to be extremely fast as well. I didn't have a gps, so I don't know my topspeed, but I could easily keep up with most of the guys on slalom gear (and jibing on the SOS is a lot easier ;-) ). About two months ago I tested the Classic 88 with a gps in very choppy conditions and reach a top speed of 55,2 km/hr. I am certain I went faster today, because some places were almost completely flat. Maybe in Portugal, on flat days, I should grab a gps again and test it full speed. See if I can crack 60 km/hr on my Classic 88 and a Superfreak.

In the end I spotted two other freaks on the water. I don't know who they are, but (as with all freaks) they were easy to spot.

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