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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'Mad Max' day

It's hard to keep the blog updated daily because we are far away from modern connections. Even mobile phones usually don't work. At least it's quiet that way, we kinda like it.

After a nice morning walk in a perfect sunny day, we had to work. Covered in wooddust we went for a nice surfing session just around the corner of the workshop. Waves were pumping and uncrowded (pics will follow).
In the evening we were invited for our traditional Reunion spicy curry. Pierre-Yves lived in Reunion for many years but came back to Breiz (must be something good here). The food was perfect, all in all an excellent night. Ending with 'Mad Max'.

Nice dessert.
On the way back Ronja was hanging outside the car on the lookout for 'Mad Max' ;-)

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